How to build a domestic abuse case without a lawyer

How to collect and present evidence of abuse

Legal systems and procedures can be complex, slow and rigid. This can discourage a lot of us from seeking help, especially without the right information.

In this course, we will walk you through types of evidence you need to build a case of domestic abuse by collecting and presenting evidence.

You can use the steps in this course to convince a lawyer to take your case or help your lawyer make your case better.

Even if you do not seek to file a case, you can still use this evidence as leverage to approach social services or any organisation that helps domestic abuse victims and survivors. You can also store these evidence to use later, if you ever wish to file a case.

This course has been built by survivors of domestic abuse with the help of lawyers from many countries. While the course is not specific to the laws of every country, this information will be useful for most countries.


How to collect and present evidence of abuse


  • Detecting and handling abuse
  • Legal information