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While looking for help or support online, the internet can often offer information that is complex, overwhelming and rigid. But what if there was a simpler and easier way to get helpful advice and tips online?

Let Soul Medicine send you notes of love and information. Written by women who have experienced what you are going through - at a time that works for you. Available in Arabic, English and Urdu.

All you need is a phone and internet. Let’s do this together!

How does Soul Medicine work?

Step 1

Find what you're looking for

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Choose your pathway

Legal advice, tips to fight stress, support on staying online and many more - important information in small, easily understandable messages.

Step 2

Follow the pathway

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Get the notes delivered to your inbox and personalise when and how often you receive them. 

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Read it online

If you would rather read it all in one go, you can browse it online in multiple languagues.

Step 3


If you choose to receive the notes through email, you can customise to make it your own
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Set your time

Set your preferred time to receive these messages exactly what day and time you want.

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Disguise your email

To protect you, we’ve some disguises that will make it seem like your email isn’t about self-empowerment e.g 99 ways to use tin foil for hair care.

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Choose your language

Select the languages you want to receive your notes in. You can receive the same note in multiple languages.

I feel like someone is really speaking to me… every single line is making me feel better.

- Survivor

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