Brighten your day with bite size support - in many languages!

While looking for help or support online, the internet can often offer information that is complex, overwhelming and rigid. But what if there was a simpler and easier way to get helpful advice and tips online?

This is where Soul Medicine comes in! You only need a basic smartphone with a basic internet connection to be able to connect with us. We will help you take small steps towards meaningful decisions by delivering useful information tips directly to your email in small and easily digestible manner.

About Soul Medicine

A project by Chayn, Soul Medicine is a multilingual digital service designed to deliver critical information in the form of easily digestible pieces through (Facebook Messenger and) email. These bits of information are designed by and for women experiencing abuse, especially migrant and refugee women.

Designed into courses divided into bite-sized lessons, you can access our resources from even a basic smartphone with internet connectivity. Currently, we cover topics ranging from legal information, financial advice to online safety, and even have tips to help you regain your confidence and how to deal with stress.

Chayn is a global volunteer network with over 400 volunteers from 15 countries, including many survivors of abuse.

We tackle gender-based abuse by creating intersectional resources on understanding and overcoming abusive relationships, legal rights, mental wellbeing, and tips to stay safe online.

Building A Case Without A Lawyer

The Asylum Process

Manage Money

How To Be Safe Online

How To Manage Stress

Fing Confidence After Trauma