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Note 12: Summary of the pathway

Hello and welcome to the last note of this course! Good job on going through all the notes in this course. In the last note, we talked about strategies for saying no.

What did we learn in this pathway?

There are four basic types of communication- passive, aggressive, passive aggressive and assertive. The benefits of adopting an assertive communication style are that you will be able to effectively convey your message to others, you will earn respect from others, and it will boost your own self esteem. This style will allow you to take care of yourself and is fundamental for good mental health and healthy relationships.

In the office, in your relationships and in your life, everyday people are asking for things, your time, your energy, your attention - it happens with everyone and all the time. Every time you say yes to someone, you must remember that the consequence may be that some of your energy will be used up and sometimes might even diminish your happiness. Saying no is an important tool for your own health and well-being and it is an example of an assertive communication style. It is not easy but you will get better at it with practice!

Also remember that praise is a gift that means as much to the giver as it does to the recipient. We are all our own worst critics - it is very natural to focus on what we can improve rather than what we did well. Although it might feel natural to critique yourself, try not do this in front of the person who just praised you. Accept the compliment because it is a chance to feel good about yourself and also to let the other person feel appreciated for their efforts to communicate this to you. The next time you receive a compliment, just smile and say “Thank you”. Take in the appreciation and praise. This is also another example of assertive communication style!

Remember: Assertiveness is what you do, not who you are.

Action: Think of three easy situations where you can practice your assertiveness before taking on tough situations.

Congratulations on finishing this pathway! We hope we were able to increase your understanding and skills of effective communication.

And don’t forget: You are valuable. You are powerful. You are enough. You can do this!

Your friends at Soul Medicine.

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